Movie: Finding Neverland

Went out with melvin to catch a movie – Finding Neverland. It was a nice movie and definitely enjoyed every bit of it. Though I must say it has been quite awhile since my last went for a movie. When was the last time I went for one? not too sure.

Took a stroll down Orchard rd under the rather hot sun towards taka to pay my library fines. Was glad that John Grisham’s The Broker has been allocated to me, and will be collecting it on Monday – hopeful it arrives. Feeling pretty doubtful at the moment… 😦

it is definitely a nice movie… it kinda reminds me of the movie “dead poets society”… the only difference is that the main character did his best to make the child dare to dream… just like in dead poets society where the teacher encouraged his students to “seize the day…”

The movie segments are knitted closely and brought out every bit of life of the children and how the playwright searched for the so-called neverland and his play was a real hit amongst the audiences. | Wikipedia


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