2005/02/06 – update 2

am blogging for the second time for today…

had went down for a stroll with my parents to East Point… it seems to be a little crowded today… especially at FairPrice… wonder why everyone is rushing to do their last minute shopping making the store a little over crowded. Also, got a new trousers from Giordano. Which mean this year i have gotten 3 tops and 2 bottoms for chinese new year… lolz… as well as chalking up my accumlation towards $500 for renewal of membership… though nowadays i don’t really go giordano shopping for clothes, will usually just toss the key to my friends and they do their shopping for discount + help me accumulate the dollars.

was real bored this afternoon and just didn’t have the mood to do the drug project, will have to try to get it down tomorrow… otherwise i think Hanafi will being a chopper anytime soon… lol… anyways, gonna go buy the Drug Book tomorrow… bleh.. gotta bring a big bag then… 😦

tomorrow will be 2hrs of clinical, then go Men’s Health Office to collect a hamper from Nivea contest, and down to lib@orchard to collect the book then home… might start doing some writing as well… since i have somehow came up with a short story i wish to write about… had just occured to me…

was speaking to Jeremy earlier and we were deciding on when would be the best time to set up the Alumni for Junyuan Sec. Being the pionnner batch we were somehow tasked for this… just that we had put this on hold for quite some time now since the year we graduated in 2002… where about 3 batch of students have already left the school… time to get everyone together… will be setting up the domain and forum soon… however, access to the forum will be strictly for former junyuan sec students only. the details should be up by after CNY i hope… anyways, heard that the prefectorial board alumni is in the process of setting up… can’t wait to see what they have installed for all former prefects.. though i have to say… the standard of the prefectorial board has gone down into a somewhat power struggle kind of phenomena… a rather stupid thing to happen in such a prestiege student organization.


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