dreamzLand : Aug 20, 2005

wonders what i have many funny dreams and thots lately… and one particular thing that shocked me… was… father-love… dun know why…

I had this dream of being a scuba diver in a under water aquarium… and it’s in the sea kind… well wierd isn’t it… for one… I am not really into sea creatures… but.. well… what happen was… I’m working on an attachment there and happen to be in night shift and saw this interesting thing happen… strangely, the control centre floats as well as the view of the fishes jumping into the air and down even the great white did the same… but the next day when I did a scan of the surrounding… I only see that everything is calm and the fishes are in place…


another dream was moments later.. about the pics i took during the above attachment… and i was talking to cousin Rachel… and she was like scolding me… and i actually slapped her… dun know why also… just felt pissed off with her… anyways, i come to realise that I told her “he doesn’t even care for me… just tells me to buy whatever i like… not even bothered to show his care and concern for me.. “… it is definitely wierd for such a dream… coz i am never close to my dad and besides… it’s so wierd that such a funny dream come about.

and… also don’t understand why did I keep thinking of him in my dream? and thinking about whether he will sms me… so funny… lol


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