weekend posting: checking and replying e-mails…

it is ever so common that we use e-mail as a way of communicating with friends we know. And i can’t imagine that i end up spending hours after hours browing through the e-mails and sometimes forgetting to reply them. Only to return days or months later to response back to the e-mails. There were times where there is nothing which i have in mind to reply, thus the reason for not wanting to make a response.

As for today… it seems more of a clean sweep for me. Sweeping through the files which i want them backed up as my hard drive is running out of valuable space and slowing down loads due to the lack of disk space. And to decide between using DVD vs CD-R is yet another question to ponder… No doubt that DVD will allow me to save loads of space… which yields a high volume of disk space and less wasteage… maybe… in time to come… backing up using dual DVD will be an even better option to consider… probably next yr or the years to come… anyways.. back to backing up files… ciao…



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