weekend posting: midnite shopping…

was such a interesting weekend to end up doing midnite shopping on a friday and saturday night… was out with Wee last night for dinner at a Restaurant at Marina Square – by the name of Moon something… had escargo… for the 2nd time… so nice and yummy… really worth trying… their lobster also not bad wor… then we went to Harvy Norman to do some light shopping and i noticed that Starbucks will be opening at Millenia Walk.. perhaps a relocation of the existing store within the premise… Then we took a Bus to Bugis Junction to continue will the Midnight shopping and took the 2nd last train home… He bought quite abit of things though the crowd was not that great… further more… i had nothing in mind to shop for… thus i did not buy a single thing…

then today… was on a triple date… – it was Tea with Richard Kor Kor… haha… then went to meet up with a China friend for dinner… had a good chat before heading over to meet up with Amanda for a 2nd midnight shopping nite… haha… this time… she spend $200 ++ at Precious Thots… which some is for her friends and i did not buy anything coz it was a little out of my budget to get anything.. anyways, overall was very nice to shop… then we stroll to Bugis to take train home… it was slightly drizzling… and well… to conclude… Midnight shopping is a fun way to shop… and good to see loads of value bargains!



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