weekend posting: Magazines…

I have a keen interest in reading magazines… apart from the usual thick novels and books which i will induge in reading… I keep a collection of magazines which i will buy on a monthly basis… and just store them together until i have the time to browse through them…

The magazines which i read range from Men’s Health (Singapore Ed), to Get Creative (Australia Craft Mag – by Spotlight), to Aromatheraphy (a part work series), Ezy Health and Beauty (a free distribution mag). Though it may not sound like alot… but it does contain a broad range of things from health to beauty to even hobbies. I like working on craft work too. Thus, the reason why i decided to read mag on craft too. During my secondary sch years, i read reader’s Digest and Time Mag… occasionally National Geographic Mag and Eat! mag as well… However, as time went by… flavours change too… thus the change took place.

apart from reading… i would spend some hanging out with friends for coffee on weekends when possible. Though, sometimes… i prefer to stay home to rest and indulge in reading. It’s a good way to pass time instead of wasting them away on things which are not conductive. And of course, it would be nice to engage in some sports on a sunny saturday if possible. Though not at the moment as i came down with a slight flu this morning and i have to finish quite a handful of assignment though i did not go for my community first aid teaching.

which means i have to get my bumps together and back to work on the owlery site among other things i have to complete for this week… i know i am lazy and dragging my agenda at times… haha


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