weekend posting: credit cards… debit cards…

with the great singapore sales still coming on… i guess… it might make some sense to talk about cards… for myself… i hold a number of debit cards… for the various bank accounts i have for different of my expenses… with the different banks… which will be the case till late 2006… anyways… i find that… after entering into the foray of debit cards since 2002… i realise that… it is always good to look at what the cards have to offer before even considering to sign up for one… – even if it give u alot of waiver in terms of membership fees. WHat matters more is how much of perks they have for the dollars you spend with them… for that instance… – CapitaCard… It gives u discount at slected retailers at capitaMalls – malls managed by CapitalMall Trust… as well as for anything you spend offline – you get 0.3% rebate which you use to redeem on purchases at participating capitaCard merchants…

for yours truely… i have plenty of clothes… thus, it makes little sense for me to spend alot of my time shopping either… especially when i don’t get to wear them often either… coming to think of having the capitacard… i guess it has the pros and cons… pro being that… i get to buy things with earning cash and using these cash to redeem clothes if i want to… well… on the other hand… the cons being that… i can’t redeem other things… – like say… vouchers? anyways, i still find it worthwhile investment…

what will i do with my other cards? well i will just cancel them when i they expire and focus on a minimal number of cards i have on hand. which makes alot more perfect sense to do too!


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