weekday: thoughts

It has been a while since my last entry to this blog… been busy for the past few days of this week working on school work and assignments… and trying to fix appointments for my upcoming projects as well as working out how best i can better manage my personal life and certain aspects of finances in life….

with all this more or less sorted out… i feel more at east and have a better objective towards what i am looking at for the next half a year to come… It may not appear as a smooth ride with bumps along the way… however, i believe it will be beneficial to me in the long run if i know how best to manage it well….


With the beginning of year 3 in Nursing… it seems things just got interesting… with the specialised skills which i pick up along the way… with plaster cast being the topic of the day… not here… maybe soon i will be adding an article on plaster cast… so that… those who have been wondering what is that thing on your friends limbs will have a rough idea what this sort of thing does and how it helps…


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