Shaving blades : 3 blades vs 5 blades….

went to giant at vivomart and saw this interesting new product by Gillette…. – Gillette Fusion…. it has 2 types… one is a manual operated shaver while the other is a battery operated shaver. So which do u think is better… and even more intriguing is…. why not compare 3 blades versus 5 blades?

a nice combination yea? probably… since the new product has this trimmer thing that can help you trim ur sideburns… – probably a good tool since i am enlisting in the army and will probably need something like that…. and i need it fast too… the down side is… with more blades means more expensive cartridges? probably so…. but the colours of the product is just so nice in orange and blue metallic tint…. will get one after the cny period…. to experience a much closer shave… and always remember to use it with a shaving gel and aftershave… it works well….


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