Life lessons…

As I’m suppose to be asleep… But due to the free upsize from mcspicy to double spicy… I’m still awake from being a little bloated. Think I shall eat light for breakfast then… On a real side note, this trip to kl is a pre planned single trip where I’ll be traveling alone with a friend of mine. Only thing on my mindis how to go and be back in one piece.there is a lot of things on my mind about how my day will unfold at the same time not thinking too much about the test and they may manifest. But I can see that life is picking up pretty faster paced. There are test which you don’t really know but yet they seem to come up fast upon you – unnoticed. Thats probably how the universe works. Maybe, but I think I will pass the tests. And at the same time what’s usually do is I will reflect upon every pitfall and move forward. That’s the only way to steer ahead.


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