the thing about anger

It seems to me that lately i have been very angry… perhaps the past few days…. few days in a row i end up with situations where i tend to blew my top off.

then moments later i am panting… as if something has gone really wrong – was it meant to be a test for me? i’m not very sure, however something for sure is… i think i have hurt someone i love very much… its bear that i think i have hurt over a tiny issue when we were both co-djs for a event. I’m not pretty sure if that is the reason why bear hasn’t yet replied to my sms…

no answers and just walked away last evening after the workshop ended. maybe, time to reflect and think back. However, being very angry partly because i’ve tried my best to fix what is on hand, while concurrently addressing 2 issues at the same time. Perhaps, being too close, cannot really work together. Sure get into problems, it has happened not just once. Moreover, i think if problems not solved, it will lead up to more issues in the longer term.


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