Terima kasih

To bear…. There is many things I want to say to you… But, deep inside me, I don’t know how to express – maybe it was fear that drift us apart… Maybe is our time has come to part…

Personally I don’t really know, but for sure my departure from you as a lover maybe help us to scale greater heights…

I always remember how u dote on me and how you care so much for me that u sometimes sacrifice your time to spend with me. I may have done things that were not pleasant in the past but you will always correct me and guide me along.

It’s a difficult decision to make, but I sense that there is never a good time to say good bye to our relationship. But I hope that with the end comes a good new beginning. Who knows maybe with this separation from lovers we maybe become very good buddies…

Just like what got us together five years ago wasn’t just pure coincidence… There could be more to what we see on surface. Like you told me, you were here to help me walk thru my life which I thinks u did well.. But I perhaps failed to really treasure these moments…

In life good times comes to an end when we expire earth too, but looking beyond… Learning from G has help me gain insight about my life and has perhaps help me gain some focus and improve my clarity with the meditation I practice weekly…

I hope our friendship will continue no matter what and treat each other within respect.


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