rejoyce and celebration

today marks the 47th Birthday of my nations birthday since indepence in 1965… walking thru history, we have come a long way from the founding fathers to the present years of growth and development..

How this nation has grown and transformed is totally remarkable… with ongoing evolution and evolving and the coming decades will see more transformation in sight. Just how the nation will transform is pretty unknown and looking at the complacency of everyone – i should say most people realize that on the grounds things are changing. Everyone is on both extremes – either compliant or choosing to be not so compliant but towards seeking ways to growth and moving out from poverty or venturing out to new horizons.

the recent two Olympics medals does sound like some achievement for the nation. As some put it as buying people to get meals. I personally view it more on the agenda that its buying pride… No doubt that we may lack the people and resources to home grown and need to outsource… it’s become pretty commercialized these years for the olympics.

but putting that aside, somethings needs to be done from inside out – as globally every country is facing the same olde olde issues of the silver years booming after the post year baby boomers turn silver…. there needs to be a social balancing through growth in replacement rate before all hell breaks loose and to instill morale values in the growing generation – tough but has to be done through education and family values…


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