The 1st week…

How time flies… It’s a week since I saw bear… The last time we met was when I receive the cookies from china on a thursday night…. Then briefly to dinner on Saturday…  I wrote the last common blog entry on 6th August…

It seems like yesterday we met… Walk thru history of 4years n we left a full stop. A new chapter begins… How time has passed making me drown in my own world of being busy… Suddenly I feel like taking a break… Relook into my footsteps and gather momentum… Freedom I on my heels, but what I see head of freedom is both fear and doubts.

I’m unsure of my initial decision, but results shows that it’s perhaps all fated. When ones time expires, we don’t get to see each other though no matter if we are near, that’s how fate handles people…bor perhaps it’s our decisions in life we make that creates where we go…

I guess times heals all sorrows, to move forward.. The few days I’m looking at what were the signs of the breakages and w clarity… I see there were many signs telling of an impending break up… Just like the signs of getting heart attacks or strokes… Without getting noticed… The cracks goes bigger and it breaks apart just like titanic…

Irony, but true, I saw these cracks coming… I tried mending them, but u didn’t notice it and that sank everything… U feel sad and live in sorrow… You are not alone, I choose to end for our own good because even with the effort I put I’m doubtful you will mend a single thing… I choose to move on, and I choose that we be friends… I hope for the best in your future because I’ve learnt from u the 4 years and perhaps, it’s time we let go this relationship and walk together forward… Life is short, don’t just look backward…


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