Reflections : Bangkok 2012

Decided to take a trip to BKK away from the hustle of living on the island to a place i went for my first honeymoon. With 3 objectives in mind. It was in Oct that i booked a trip – in Dec (less than 2 months)… and it was 2 months after the break up…

I wanted a break… But i chose BKK to revisit the places i went perhaps.

Which ironically i did go to places a visited before – Sukhumvit ( where we had our 2nd BKK trip), Coffin Donation (2nd to 3rd trip) and Erwan Shrine (all trips)… at the same time I also went to Wat
Wat Pra Kaew (Temple of Emerald Buddha) via river express boat (Which temple happen to be closed at 4pm)… – it was a last min decision to go there.

The choice of Lotus Hotel Sukhumvit was because i was attracted to the purple lotus… and i wanted to stay in a unfamiliar place…

it was very welcoming to have visit BKK alone. To travel places i have never really been before and do things i have not done before.

I have made a friend too during this trip – i only hope we can be in touch for long term. That’s if fate allows. As for the reason to visit the Erwan Shrine. I guess, i’m not elaborating too much. But rather it is for me to seek inner peace and find back myself. Stepping into the shrine,  I found myself close to the god. Perhaps, it was not crowded and not very windy. I had no problems lighting the candle and praying. It was early in the morning. and coincidentally the 3 days in BKK (literally, 43 hours) it was a public holiday on a Monday. I wish to have stayed longer, but i think for this trip it was worthwhile.

I enjoyed the moments i spend with 2 friends in BKK. A friend’s friend whom i meet for tea and late lunch, and another friend whom i met at the spa. It shed me some light on how Bangkok is. Perhaps, a different light. A different view altogether. I enjoy the few short hours – perhaps too short that i wish i could be submerged into the culture and not come back. But that would equate to running away from my problems, fears, worries.

Not something I should even do. Walking ahead, I have new goals for myself. What I see myself working towards is to a new life – my ex lovers’ all at the back of my mind now, i’m looking forward to a new lease of life. A new focus – in short… i was in bangkok for Eat, Pray, Love…

I did things i thought i never would have done, its a priceless experience. Something in the memory. I had nice meet up with people i wish i could get to know better – perhaps keep for long term. I had aspirations to build strong bonds with my family, to clear my financial situation, to improve my business focus, find my purpose in life and help my ex-lover get on in life. These 5 aspirations drive me forward and a goal to return to BKK June 2013…

Looking ahead, perhaps i have been blessed to have spend 43 hours in Bangkok, Thailand with minimum spending there (perhaps just $750 SGD – air tix + hotel + food + min shopping) A little over budgeted but for the money, its a experience i might only do it once.


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