Reflections: year in review 2012

After watching Les Miserables thoughts flew through my mind… What’s my destiny in life… Who am I?…

For the year 2012… I have many regrets and many lows in my life

Being financially in debt is nothing that fanciful… To have failed badly makes it even worse..and having to face the harsh reality of a personal “fiscal cliff” in cutting expenses… Something which I challenge myself… It may work but short lived…

Sadly to say I have many bad habits that I myself feel I need to learn to clean up. My life is a total mess financially… But with prudent management I should clear partial if not full debt with increase in income and productivity.

Love life
I had this challenge myself to… I recall my mentor saying about taking a break from one ended relationship to re-look inside ourselves to seek answers to why we end the relationship. I did a small reflecting during my short getaway… A real short one that burn my pocket, but I found some sudden peace. I had a little surprise during the trip… And I came to realise I need bulldoze my challenges no matter how big or small they are. When we want to achieve something in life, there will always be challenges – like it or not. Knots are to be un-tied. I might have crushes on people and may have had emotional roller coasters. But, what I ultimately want is to have inner peace to rebuild myself to move forward.

It’s a challenging path I take, but to move ahead and reborn myself. Perhaps destiny will come my way when time is ripe. While many people might come and go… There is no guarantee if someone will step right in… But it is only time to tell… For all I know, those who came into my life were not those i seek. They appeared from referrals – friends friend or for some reason, we just met…

I have chosen to move myself forward in the marketing field. Making friends and meeting people is part of my life. Being in the social networking field is also part of it. Building rapport with people is perhaps the way to go.

For this year I have a handful of job changes, looking ahead, what I see is I need to spend time work on a system that will auto pilot in the long term while I keep a steady stream of clients by my side to service.

As usual, as what I mention during my retreat. Family stability is what I strive to work on. It still is a challenge for me. But never give up.

What I see for 2013, is more challenges to
tighten my finances, improve my relationship with family, friends and work on my career. I have a huge group to lead ahead of me.


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