reflections : kl 201301

Reflecting on the recent 5 days trip up north brings many memories of the past. Looking back at how time flies and how much has since gone by. It seems like 3 years gone by since 2010… Moving into 2013 it has been more than 4 trips up Genting and countless trips into KL.

For one I’m glad to make this trip up once more. Not so much for games, but for fellowship as some would call it. Having friends to meet up to catch up and have objectives complete brings about new discoveries.

Looking ahead, I see few more trips in 2013.. Some were planned sometime back others coming soon…

The traveling might be tight, but more is to be done as I journey alone to move forward to seek my true understanding within myself.


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  1. 一年之计在于春,this is yr first trip in 2013, I hope that through this trip able to give you some direction. Today is 9 Jan, how is yr business in Singapore? How close from yr target? 加油!


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