201303: the journey in life

At every stage of our life we face obstacles as well as distractions apart from looking towards our life goals.

But whenever I look back a the past… I reflect back on how much hurt I have done onto people around me. It makes me start to reflect upon myself. How much have a I done to create a better life for others vs how much distraction I have set upon ten.

But looking back those times, it make me think. If I could just turn back the clock, what could have happen? That makes me ponder and also wonder. How time flies, how much the past 7 years has impacted me and my life.

I think perhaps right at this point. I maye be still a little emo. I have to face up my own fears and my own challenges in life. If tomorrow he decides that he wants to take up the journey with me. I need to get him started to run this journey. No doubt I have been warned how tough it will be for me, but I’m ready to take up the challenge to help people around me. It fulfills a goal/wish I had made towards my purpose in life as well. It is nothing fanciful. But it helps bring upon a smile perhaps to people we love. Maybe there is just this little thing in me that I had wish to give a close friend a pat on the shoulder or a hug to tell this friend that I care for you.

Though the years I know you has been short and that I have never pull you that close to me. It is I hope not too late to just pull you closer so that I can keep the friendship going. It is not going to be easy. But it is definitely a challenge I wish to take up. After being single for a few moths now. I guess I’m quite comfortable, but too comfortable that I feel I need to pull my socks and the challenges to move on. I feel dead at work. Not that it is routine, but I realise how much time I could have devote it to communicating with people who might be in need of an opportunity to improve their lives while they face diseases or harsh realities of life.

Definitely I’m better than most of them. But I can do more for myself, be less useless and make myself more useful.

Some habits have since changed. But life is always a work in progress. So it’s time to get moving ahead…


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