reflections: Ipoh, Perak

As i look back at how the past weekend has flew by. My mind begins to think back the various moments… from the setting off trip traveling up north to Ipoh and on to the Ipoh-KL express train ride on KTM.

There are many things on my mind. Before the trip, i had many question marks. Even on the return trip, i was still left with some question marks unanswered. How does life goes on? Its a total unknown for sure.

For the hospitality in Malaysia, I feel the warmth. I feel the cosy feeling of being care for and the feeling that there is someone there to take care of us during the trip around Ipoh.

I went there for a purpose, to hang out with my friend and spend sometime. However, along the way, apart from getting the good nice memories. There were other things that cane along too. It seems like somehow, for some reason, my repressing mood came along. I felt the sad feeling build but, it shadows over this super positive-ness which somehow, i just can’t control myself but stare into thin air for good few moments. He seems to realise it, maybe upon prompting by my friend who dragged me on this road trip. But i told myself that, i should compose myself. If i should decide to Cry, it has to be hidden. I cry because i felt sad, nothing more in particular.

Only thing was i did not cry. We had a good time with eating food non stop and getting to know him better. I hope he will do well with the limited time he has, as much as i wish to spend time with him as a friend. I also know that i need to priortise what i have on hand in order not to neglect my goals in life.


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  1. Be focus,day by day many things will come along and many things will need our attention, do what you think is most important at this moment and able to fullfil the goal in your life.


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