Inspiration + reflections: trio trips in jan 2013

With every trip… I reflect… With every movement I think… Maybe my mind is thinking too much or reflecting too much on the emotional pane that I need to sit myself up out from the current mode and start thinking forward what I have to do and accomplish.

How thing have all progressed from a simple trip to KL in jan it began to balloon into a multi trip to Malaysia… A trip to Genting to meet up a good friend that end up post-trip with many interesting mysteries trailing behind…

With a follow up trip to Ipoh to visit a place I went when I was only 12 years old. To experience local food, visit a castle where it was never completed at a tin mining town in Malaysia. At short 3 days was an adventure in its own with many firsts… A KTM train ride, a first time sharing room with a lady friend, a first time traveling on a night bus from JB, a first trip home from Malaysia late.
And an ad-hoc invite to join another trip to Melaka the following week.

Everything just moves fast. You never know where and how it will all end. You only know the train is moving on fast track and you need to be on the train to catch as much as possible. It might the one and only point of entry you have. Once you missed it, it’s Just gone forever.

At every turn, answers come dropping out on the 3rd trip – Melaka. How people know another, how is their relationships and how you mix around with them all plays a apart. It is just weird how things progress and how tests are placed upon for you to figure things out. You will probably need much longer time to work out the clues. But time is the key to know what comes your way.i might have failed the test set upon me this time around… I’m not sure, but from experiences, when the test fails… Nothing comes back as a yes…

To attract or to deflect is up to you. You hold the key to your own destiny… Bulldoze all the distractions only then the clear pathway will come to light.


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