reflections: a meet up

A simple tea session with a good friend revealed many things which was worth some thoughts to think about. When we look back at our lives and what it has become. I start to think back… how growth defines our lives and how it gives us a direction to grow.

Just this afternoon i met up with a friend of 10 years. We talk about how time has changed him and how we have both fare in our own life of career. No doubt that he is much older than me and he has been more experienced. But what i saw in him was more than just number crunching or sales.

It was the growth and focus, deciding if it was just a hobby or a career path than made this difference. No doubt that we need not be the top in what we do. But we aim for to be one of those who are in the achieveable levels.

One analogy we talk about with his boss was about how we project our growth curve. Its not a mathematical thing, but of reality and achieve ability.

looking back the past 3-4 years of income growth. From $0 to couple of hundreds and a group of below 100, it took 4 years… double growth yearly…. to 4 years later looking at about $6k income a year. All these are achieveable. However, the bottom line of it all is whether the time and effort put in to achieve it is realistic and justifiable enough. Which leaves me with the next questions of the target market segment and what we set out to achieve.

if today we are looking into buiding a strong network, we need to tap on expertise of many + a mass market of clients to build upon. Which is not that difficult when we tell ourselves this is our career and rice bowl. But then we will need to work hard that few years to build the business and to create the volume and consumers to auto purchase themselves. Now that would be the part that set the tone of things differently.

So in conclusion, when i left the dicussion 1.5 hours later, what i gain was a few things in a nutshell.

1-2 years to see where the growth trend is
rethink what i have done the past 4 years and how to grow
if steps taken are wrong, time to change them
its not a hobby, but a career that i am creating.


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