reflections: new venture and new exposure

Looking deep within myself… looking at how my life has changed since last Sep 2012…. 8 months has just passed by so swiftly. It beats me to wonder what lies ahead for me next…

Many events unfolded. Some opportunities came knocking at my door, i pick up some while i left some behind. There are many things right at the back of my mind now. Unfolding itself by the hours…

Recalling the events, last August i broke up with my partner for 4.5 years. We parted our ways. It was a very much difficult decision to make on my part. To say good bye to someone i spend the past 4.5 years with. A sad yet hard decision to make. Looking ahead, i started to go gym and did body building. Once again, it was another drastic move from my usual activities.

Then advancing on, i took a job change to move back into my first job company but a different division to work in Research. Though it was a part time job, i gain experiences and i had many mentors to guide me along the way… I felt grateful…

Next in start of 2013, there came a new biz venture of some sort. It manifested initially as a friend who asked if i would like to join him insurance line as a sales agent. I turn him down, telling him that i am happy buidling Amway Biz…

Then a week later, came another knock, this round, it was my previous massage therapist cum friend who i know for about 2 years. We met up occasionally over coffee talks. He approached me to ask if i was keen to join his start up. I too turn him down…

In the turn of tides… in April, things began to turn. My project came under reivew and many changes were brewing from below…. I had to start thinking where should i be heading to find my next wave of income…

And in the flicker of thoughts, the thought of finding my friend surfaced… That was when i started to arrange a meet up with him and we sat down to discuss in detail more about this venture which will be forming up in the next few months.

Where this leads me, it remains unknown. All i know is i went to the temple to seek directions in the family, love and career pathways for myself. Whatever that comes, will be the upper power to guide me through my next life stage.

How the rest of events will unfold itself, time will perhaps let me know.


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