reflections: pondering stage

In life, we face many challenges and changes. It brings me to wonder, why some people fail in relationships and why some people just move on well…

In the current situation, where I have work to solve and I want to get close to someone it brings me to wonder… What is it I am seeking…
I am suddenly lost… I wonder what I do is correct or am I just lost in my own world… Maybe I should make it known to the other party my feelings for them… Or should I just keep quiet and just wait patiently for the day or time where I can let him know how I feel?
I got this feeling it will be a long wait yet i feel helpless… Maybe my over reactive mind is the one making me tired.. Maybe he is just a noob head that knows bits abt love? I’m not here to judge or comment… But it makes me wonder, if we end up together. Will I have to wait upon him sometimes? Or will things just move smoothly? There is no such thing as smooth sailing… But a balance I hope to achieve…
No doubt that with this new biz I had some sacrifices to make… I hope to bring it into a bigger realm… It takes time, but definitely will make it happen… Even with doing lesser of Amway biz for now… It’s just sad to let go… But I’m persistence to proceed further… For both biz…

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