reflections: the past and the present…

Somethings troubled my evening…. but upon giving it a second thought… some issues just surfaces..

thinking back how i build my past business… The 3 years it went super fast was due to tag team pair up…. but it all ended due to both parties became not able to communicate… That too left me trapped…

I felt the communication breakdown…. But as it seems… with the new venture, i started to see issues coming on me real soon… it came into picture the moment A was brought into light. For some reason, i think what happened today was a bit of a unusual one where we had a afternoon discussion that lasted 3 hours….

Something that i think i could not control myself… I kept looking at my phone after 6.30 as i had a meet up for dinner at 7pm… The issue probably lies within myself where i see myself viewing relationships way ahead of my life purposes. That’s something i had to strike a balance with. It would be overly focus on someone if i were to do that.

After talking to A, i think i saw where my issue lies. It is just within me. Partly because, he won’t really care much as he will be moving to Aust come Sep if things settle well for him there. The way i see it coming. As for me, i relook my life pathway back into 2008… I did recall a prediction of me moving to an overseas country at the age of 28 onwards for a better pathway… Somehow, maybe subconsciously i saw this coming… I’m unsure what lies ahead of me… But only now i should channel my focus back on career for now while relationship will flow on its own… perhaps that is part of the discipline and what i had to do on myself issues.


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