reflections: silence for 2 weeks

Perhaps it would be good to have a 2 week break to find back myself and focus on spending time to find out what I really want… For some reason, I think I fought a losing battle – something I knew I would have lost even before I begin…

To have stated by end of a certain time I will find perhaps a soul mate or someone to connect with…
Can the result of someone who I unexpectedly met up… And left those I had no plans to really meet up come to meet me before the others did… Then came the 3 months of status quo and all the unwanted sense of losing the person. It was in fact a no beginning… So should not have any ending… But somehow, I felt that it may not be the case… Only time will tell… I have always been told to go with the flow… But learning to handle my emotion is something tricky… And to ground myself to focus what I have to do, even more challenging… But I know the road ahead I have to be strong and will be leading again… Maybe I should just severe the ties with him… Or just keep as a good friend… But I’m not very sure myself… If he is leaving which he is determined to… We should just be friends and I should tell him so… Or maybe I should let him come back an tell me his opinion.. I would wait, but the most 2 weeks from his return to decide what to do…

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