reflections: Raindrop Technique Therapy/Massage

It has been quite a month to two since i begun my journey exploring the raindrop technique. Somehow, i feel good at this technique that i picked up along the way.. It initially appeared to be as something i think i will not pick up… But over time, i came to realize that it is intact something that i should embark on and help in healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. For some reason, i think the time has come for me to embark on this journey…

And so… just 2 months back i begun to attend classes at Young Living Singapore office for the raindrop technique therapy and since then i began practicing on people i know – friends mainly. I found this technique to be truly amazing and i feel excited over it.

After having a few sessions with friends, and the positive feedback…. i felt that it was perhaps time to share it by facilitating the therapy for more people and also to share with those who wants to find out more about this therapy.

To me i find that the healing modality with raindrop is every so effective -had a friend who had aches on his lower back for a week, i did 1 session for him and right after… the pain went away and he had much improved sleep… He was in such amazement he commented that your essential oils are so effective… but truth be told that, it was Young Living’s Essential Oils that work its way on his back along with me facilitating the process…


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