Reframing Modernism, National Gallery SG

Reframing Modernism, National Gallery Singapore

My 2nd visit to the National Gallery. Decided to go visit on a Friday evening. I have been looking forward to visiting the Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery – which was not open when the National Gallery initially opened. So in this short short preview, I am gonna share some of the interesting finds in the walk about of the 3 galleries.

This showcase titled : Reframing Modernism, is a collection of arts through the 20th century – from Europe and South East Asia. A collaboration between National Gallery Singapore and the Centre Pompidou in France.

It is divided into 3 segments through the 3 galleries. Between each of the galleries there are activity corners where you can express your creativity though little engaging activities. In this article I will share some snippets of what I saw during my tour of the gallery.

Gallery 1 – Front

Gallery 1 – Back

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Each Gallery has its own themes as expressed above, which is visible when you enter each gallery.

Love what you Love: Personally I loved Gallery 2 more for the colourful art collection on display. The two art pieces which i took picture of to share are my favourite. For the choice of colours used being vibrant and it it clearing brings out the flavour of the artist expression. There are also other lovely works, which I believe one will enjoy more in person inside the gallery. Appreciation and Love for art is in the now.

Find your Inner Joy: A Friday evening walk in the art gallery is as pleasing as can be. If not a joyful one. I find Joy taking a slow walk to slow down the pacing before the arrival of the weekend. Which in itself is very pleasing and calming.

Peace where the heart is: Art in itself is a therapy. It connects you to your inner world to find that pleasing peace within. Each picture tells a story from the artist perspective and their expression of creativity, thoughts, emotions are all shown onto the art work. Each in its own way.

Event: Reframing Modernism
Period: 31 Mar–17 Jul 2016

Ticketing Information: Refer to website link below.
Upon completing the exhibition, do remember to go to the Gallery & Co gift shop located at City Hall Wing on Level 1 to redeem a complimentary post card.

Website | Location: Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery, Level 3, City Hall Wing – National Gallery, Singapore

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