SEA Aquarium, ResortsWorld Sentosa, Singapore

SEA Aquarium (VIP Tour), SG

Guess some of us would have visited the SEA Aquarium by now. The aquarium was open back on 22 November 2012. The Ocean Dome at the aquarium was the World’s Largest aquarium by water volume.

The tour begins with walking through the Maritime Experiential Museum and the Typhoon Theatre by a guide assigned to us. We arrived 15 mins before our booking time as advised. Our Guide was very experienced and knowledgeable she shared with us about the various showcases in the Museum and walk us through the aquariums at the basement beginning with the Shark Seas exhibit where we learn about the Nurse Sharks and various other sharks in the aquarium. Then we moved on to the other sea theme areas and exhibits.

In between, we visited the back of house to look at the Corals, Jellyfishes growth and of course the Ocean Dome from above. There is quite a bit of stairs to climb for the back of house segment of the tour. Of course, if you have a thirst for knowledge just keep asking questions. They will do their best to answer you too! And bring along water as non is provided or you could just buy it from the food kiosks around the aquarium.

We learned that that there is some breeding programs to help breed certain fish species as part of conservation efforts. Also in the ocean dome, there are 3 manta rays, 1 swordfish. Which is pretty interesting and some fun facts about how they feed the fishes too.

At the touch pool, we got to touch the starfish… there are 2 species which you can touch and also the sea cucumber. Mind you, they are fragile, so if you are there do handle them with care too. There is also a open view side panel to the Dolphin Island in the aquarium. Where at certain timing of the day we get to see the various Dolphin Island programs conducted via the panel.

At the end of the SEA Aquarium segment of the tour, we proceed to Dolphin Island. There at the Dolphin Island we learn more about what the trainers do for the Dolphins in brief and was shown a tour of the Dolphin facility. Some fun facts about the dolphins were also shared with us. At the end of the tour, a group photo was taken with the Dolphins.

Love what you Love: It was fun looking at how jellyfishes are being breed as well as how corals are being grown in the back of house. It gives a lot of insight into how mother nature does its Ocean revitalisation process in the wild. Of course, as much we Love to do what we love which is to eat Seafood produce. We should also take care to ensure their sustainability by eating more of ensuring we do not pollute our surroundings like beaches and rivers with our trash. And do more to recycle plastics.

The purpose of aquariums is to help breed, conserve and educate visitors on what we can do as individuals who love the environment and plant which we live on. We gotta still take the first step to bring Love to the fishes in the open seas.

Find your Inner Joy: Looking at fishes, Dolphins and other sea creatures swim freely has been a Joy to me whenever I visit the SEA Aquarium and Dolphin Island.

Peace where the heart is: Looking at the fishes swimming around in the Ocean Dome from above is a very peaceful thing. It gives you the unique experience of looking from above the sea tank. It is a rare chance, since only in this VIP tour we get to do so.

Event: SEA Aquarium VIP Tour
Period: ongoing public education program

Ticketing Information: $88 per person (approximately 2.5 to 3 hours tour, min 2 persons) To book a tour kindly refer to the website link below.

Website | Location: S.E.A. Aquarium, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269


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