View of Singapore from St John


That’s Simply : Life…

As we walk the journey…. there will be times we stand still to look back what we have achieve thus far…what we have accomplished or could do better in life with. There are the pit stops in life… Be it when we are happy, sad, angry…every emotional could be a pit stop for us to reflect.

A black and white world?
When I ask a few friends of mine. That is the answer I often receive as a reply – that the world is just Black and White. There is no grey area. If only life was simply just black and white. But most oftentimes, we choose black and white but we action on it being grey. We maybe direct to say what our mind desires, but often times… we may also miss the heart desires or vice versa.

As complicated as our mind is, when we pause to think. We might see that it is  White or Black with specs of the other. There is often no grey area. Yes, that is very true…. There is hardly as win-win situations. Often times we are face with either a extreme win-lost or minor aches.

Thinking back the past 30 years as I approach my three decades…  I’m not facing mid life crisis, just thinking back how much my life has evolved and changed. And how I would like to simply fill the world with more Love, Joy and Peace.

Starting by giving myself more Love, Joy and Peace and sending words, thoughts and greetings of Love Joy Peace to every single living thing on Earth and my surrounding. Through that, I feel my day gets more fulfilling and I feel more clarity in my thoughts and actions.

There will still be days where we make mistakes, but learning to forgive ourselves, filling ourselves up with Love Joy Peace brings about abundance of more Love Joy Peace to ourselves and people that surrounds us.


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