Toy Piano (2011)


Looking at today’s The Daily Post prompt – Music, decided to write something about Music.

I always remember this toy piano (pictured below)…. It was a toy which I use to play with during my childhood years whenever I visit my grandparents place back in Indonesia. The picture was taken years ago during my grandfather’s funeral at the old place which he spend his golden years – the year was 2011. That was the last time I saw this item. Which brought back childhood memories. The music generated still sounded like how it was years back… during my early adolescent years. My cousins and myself would take turns to play the shared toy. Now we have all grown up over the years that pass by and gone. It surely was a well treasured piece of toy we had. In comparison to the toys available these days, the olden toys were more hardly and made with metal and wood materials. It is definitely a walk down memory lane.

Looking forward a few years…. to 2015…. When I was in Bandung Indonesia to attend a work conference. I sat at the hosted dinner banquet. And there I was at the table playing with a different instrument. This time around it was the Angklung – a traditional instrument from Indonesian music – see YouTube video link below. It was a fun and interactive session I had as i recall back from my memory not too long ago. Each piece of Angklung instrument (the handheld version) is a different music note. So at any given time using the hand to shake it will produce a different note. And it takes group effort to play the instrument if using the handheld ones. White the same goes for if it is a full strung set where there is two or more persons managing the instrument.

*This article was inspired by The Daily Post prompt: music




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