Star Wars - Yoda

May the 4th 2016

May the 4th is a special day for many familiar with Star Wars.

For this special day, it reminds me of the Jedi Master – Yoda. Back in the year 2000s when i was first interested in the STAR WARS series it was Episode I – The Phantom Menace, and the first character that I was glued on to was none other than the LEGENDARY Jedi Master – Yoda.

Even thought it was a prequel for the movie, it does bring back memories. Much of it was the series was reintroduced upon the purchase by Disney. Star Wars accompanied me through my mid to late teen years. And now years later, for the next 5 years or so into my 30s.

Perhaps that being the reason, I was inspired to pen my thoughts about my admiration for Master Yoda and how this little green character has inspired me much in my life. Though, not entirely impactful, but his wisdom in the way he manages situations and how he teaches the various apprentices in the earlier star wars movies, brings out quite a fair bit of his character.

Even the quotes that one can google off the internet also share some insight into his character persona as a whole. While my knowledge of Yoda is still growing, there still are things that we can learn from people and situations around us – everyday! And the Force in the fictional world is actually more like our senses – or what the new age call energy sensitivity to surrounding. So May the 4th be with you always with lots of Love, Joy, Peace!


More on Yoda: Star Wars Wikia & Star Wars Databank | Image Source



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