Uncage Local Food, SG

Lau Pa Sat, Tiger Advertorial

There is presently this campaign run by Tiger Beer on Local Singapore streets food with the hashtag #uncagedstreetfood.


With the ever changing food-scape of Singapore’s food scene, gone were the days in the 60s where we see stalls by the road side manned by hawker sellers neither do we see much of non-air-conditioned eateries which evolved from the 60-70s. These are among the disappearing food scenes in Singapore.

Which, we can still find the in our neighbouring countries within the South East Asia regions in the likes of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

My last experience with street food in Singapore – cannot recall exactly when… But there were many remake versions which still exist in Singapore in the past like the Orchard road carpark (currently the site of Orchard Central shopping centre) which back in the 2000s was used as a make shift hawker area to bring back the food dining concept and the currently more well known places like the Makansutra Gluttons Bay at Esplanade, Chinatown Food Street and the Singapore Food Trail at Singapore Flyer.

These are some of the few places to recreate the nostalgia which has almost been lost with fast paced development of the nation in the past 50 years.

As I had sat down on the table, that was when I notice these square stickers plastered on the tables around Lau Pa Sat hawker centre. One of the oldest hawker centre in Singapore – though converted into a open air food court.

So back to the food I ordered, it is a mixture of half portion black sauce carrot cake and the normal white carrot cake. And I uploaded a pic I snap (the one above) on Instagram. Food wise, it tasted normal. But it was this nostalgia campaign – uncage street food – that bring me back to the good ole memories. And with the huge aging population, a lot of local flavours – if not passed down from generation to generation will become extinct like how some of the animals did too.

To add on, Tiger Beer is a home grown brand from Singapore.


Would you miss the local streets food if they were all gone with time?

*Note: This is not any endorsement or advertorial from Tiger beer or Heineken Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd (parent company of Tiger Beer). The article is written as it brings out the nostalgic memories, thoughts and expression.


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