Singapore Flyer

Evening Walk along Singapore Flyer

Taking a evening stroll along the area in front of the Singapore Flyer can be a interesting experience. It’s a windy evening and decided to walk from Promenade MRT station via below the Shears Bridge towards the Singapore Flyer. Walking pass the racing track and park connector I came across this open space in front of Singapore Flyer.

As I look across Marina Bay (the water way) that separates Singapore Flyer from Gardens by the Bay – I marvel at the magnificent lights shining from below towards the 2 Conservatory Domes and the SuperTree Grove and the colour lights that outlines the Singapore Flyer at night – the colours varies from time to time too. It was showing colourful lights on most days except during seasonal periods like Christmas where decorative lights and festive colours will be shown.

It set my mind thinking, how nice it would be to just picnic from the place where I am standing. Or even just buy a gelato from the nearby Gelato kiosk and just sit down, enjoy the ice cream and watch the evening go by.

It is such an indulgence on a Saturday evening, being outdoors post dinner roaming around the city area just enjoying the nice chill wind in the quiet outdoor space. Staring into the dark sky. It is one of the less crowd places around the Marina Bay area. The Singapore flyer has seen better days in the past when it first started operations back in February 2008, where throngs of people will head there to just take the flyer for a first flight experience on a giant observation wheel. The novelty has now worn off compared to its former glory days. These days, we only see buses of visitors coming to experience the flyer as a iconic scene of Singapore. Just like the Merlion at Merlion Park situation in front of Fullerton Hotel. The only difference between the Singapore Flyer vs Merlion is that you need to pay a admission fee of $33 (Singapore Flyer flight experience) for a 360 degree vertical experience of Singapore Marina Bay area including the beach line that line part of the Kallang Basin, while the Merlion Park on the contrary is free to visit for all.

With that said, the Duck and Hippo tours does have a stop at Singapore Flyer which makes it more accessible for tourists or those on a transit stopover in Singapore as compared to locals who will either drive there or take a train to Promenade station and walk over to the Singapore Flyer. A plus point though is that if you are planning to go Legoland in Malaysia, this is also the tour bus boarding and alight point.

It was definitely an evening filling my heart with Love, Joy and Peace.

View of Gardens by the Bay from the lawn in front of Singapore Flyer at night.

Location: Lawn in front of Singapore Flyer, 30 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039803.

How would you enjoy your weekend by the bay? Share your thoughts at the comments 🙂

*This article was inspired by The Daily Post prompt: beach


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