I took this while I was walking along the towards Downtown train station. Looking up, I saw the stark contrast between the clear and not so clear sky. It looks like dark clouds had gathered like shadow growing bigger. It show signs of some gloom looming – on a Friday evening.

Being the usual me, I didn’t give it much of a thought. Just continued walking towards the train station which was 180 meters away from where I took this sky view from below. First thing I did was to post it onto my Instagram. Which forms my theme for my #30yearsin30days hash tag about going 30. Reaching 30 is a milestone, with each 10 years, I would skip celebrating it. The last time I recall celebrating a Big 3 was for my ex partner. That was almost 7 years ago. It does bring back memories of planning a big 3 celebration for someone who was once so close to me. Though time flies, what is left is the shadow of the memory of yesteryears.

I remember vaguely my 10s and 20s years where I totally skipped them for some reason. There was no cause to really throw a party to celebrate the coming of a decade of age. It is unlike where companies will throw parties to celebrate each decade and 5th in a big way. While in the opposite sense, for Asian culture, 21 is widely celebrated as the coming of age. By receiving the Key – it has many meanings; but not limited to just receiving a key. It also means the welcoming of adulthood.

Thinking back, 1st decade from 0-10 was a time celebrated with family. the 2nd decade from 11-20 was with a mixture of family and friends too – though it was not so formally. When 21 came knocking it was a grand affair followed by 22 – 29 where it has always been parties and dinners after dinners. To the extend at the age of 29 – I made a wish to end birthday celebrations.

Thus turning 30 – is a beginning of a new life arc. Turning 30 means sending Love, Joy, Peace to everyone that I know, every living being on Earth that breathes. For the past 6 days since May 1, I have been doing the same wishing everyone and everything Love Joy Peace. As the say goes, what comes around, goes around. Just like us humans, have shadows. Our Shadows follow us everywhere we go – that does not apply to just under sunlight. Even in darkness, there will still be some form of light shinning. And that is where we can see our shadow. May is a special month to me, it is even more special that I came across The Daily Post and to have the chance to get inspiration from the Daily Prompts to craft out articles and complete a goal this May – An article everyday for 30 days.

Most of us will do crazy stuff at some point in our lives, but as the saying goes You Only Live Once – live it well and bring Love Joy Peace to people around us!

*This article was inspired by The Daily Post prompt: Shadow


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