The Ice Cream Project, JB, Malaysia

Review : The Ice Cream Project, MY

What makes a nice dessert on a warm afternoon? So I was there for a cafe hopping experience. Located right across the Johor Straits from Singapore. A walking distance from the Johore CIQ lies a stretch of cafes along Jalan Dhoby – about a good 10-15 minutes stroll across the Johor Canal from Jalan Wong Ah Fook after you exit City Square JB. It was a hot afternoon, so we decided to head for ice cream. The Ice Cream parlour we visited is called The Ice Cream Project (TIP).

TIP has been around since Sep 2014 according to their Facebook page. They serves 4 different flavours of Ice Cream – inclusive of seasonal flavours, I tried the Brownie and Cream flavour.

The ice cream are made with Liquid Nitrogen as one of the mixing process. And all ingredients are made fresh daily. That perhaps explains why they only open from 3pm onwards :). As you enter the shop, you will notice two huge tanks of  liquid Nitrogen parked near the entrance; next to a pink forklift parked inside the store.

Since we had craving for Dessert after lunch, we visited during tea time around 3-4pm. I ordered the Brownie and Cream flavour to try. The ice cream was made just right, could taste the brownie chunks in it, and it feels fresh too.

The set up is very cozy and pretty “cafe style”. Tables and chairs resembles those we see in the 60s – 80s era.

TIP has got nice and clean set up. A good place to sit and savour the cold dessert in a hot or rainy weather after a stroll around the surrounding street arts area. Not a bad hangout if you have good company and looking for a pit sto

Food pricing: RM14 for a cup of Ice Cream, they serve coffee and teas too.

Website | Location: 31, Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johore, Malaysia

*This review was inspired by The Daily Post prompt: Stroll


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