Grey, Black & White

Its a BLACK and WHITE world…. No… It is a GREY, BLACK & WHITE world… The conversation continues…

Before the 2nd movie of fifty shades hits the cinema in February 2017….

I see my world as Grey. Its the in-between when you mix black with white colours.

In our present society, there is always chances where every two person will not see the same. yet there will be a third person who is not involved who is able to see the in-between – which is how both parties involved in any situation sees clearer of the both. That is how I define it as a grey area – unbiased view of issues, encounters, expressions, situations etc.

As mentioned in the previous article I wrote about.  Our world has gotten very complex and thus the Grey area just surfaces. Not every time, but occasionally when we are in search of an escape route for situations as they may happen. But this escalate route may never always be the same. As with every decision we make and handle accordingly, one solution will open up options for various conclusions. But what lies ahead is a journey of learning and finding out wha works and what does not. There is there where the accumulation of experiences will come about.

With a lack of self worth, we will seek grey areas to work our way out of situations. Put others in the dirty spots while cleaning our yard. Now, that being so, by learning to love ourselves more, gives us more inner peace and joy. With all these 3 in alignment, we will feel happier and the grey zones as we see it might just slowly fade away. It is not overnight but it happens over the years. The positive side will be we are more willing to face our own fears and challenges; also learn to accept the fact that every decision we make, we answer for it.

After all, life is a constant change and learning journey. Which the only time we stop learning is the time we move out from our human shell.


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