Life lessons from Monopoly Empire


There are many board games in the market. And my all time favourite is still Monopoly. No matter how many versions the game has evolved over the years. It never fails to bring out lessons in life. Even though it is as simple as just a board game about properties – there can still be lessons learn. The game set has got Chance and Community Chest cards as well.

My most recent game of Monopoly was at Universal Studios Singapore where they organised a Guinness World Records challenge to break the record for most people playing Monopoly on game’s anniversary – aka World Monopoly Day – March 19, 2016.

The board game set we played was the Monopoly Empire game set. Though each game can only be played by 4 players – it is pretty interesting that through the game we could see the other side of friends, family or even strangers that we may not face on a everyday basis. Unless and only when circumstances changes do we notice their not so nice or even the super nice side of them. The UGLY vs the COMPASSION side – DIVERSE as we know it. Everyone has two sides to their personality.

So lets progress on to the game before we talk more about human characters. The origins of the game history can be found here on Wikipedia. And while this is being a ever popular game among the various generations since 1930s – though the game originated back in 1903. It does shows us how the economy work in a certain way, as well as how we could gain from buying properties. Properties being a tool/asset to income generation.

So that bring me back to the current game set – Monopoly Empire. As for how to play – check out the video below. (Source:

The game play begins with each player getting some cash and choosing one of the 4 game tokens – Car, Game Console, Racket or the Shoe. Each player collects billboards to fill a tower instead of properties to bankrupt opponents.

And when each player reaches the title deed (there are no cards) instead, deeds are now replaced by billboards (This is done by traveling around the board and buying brands. There are no trades, however there are cards that can force players to swap billboards (also called tiles), or to take tiles from other players.  According to the official rules, no one can go bankrupt in Monopoly Empire.  The goal is to fill your tower with billboards. The first player to do so, wins the game.

The game changes tend to make the game play much faster than traditional Monopoly. There is a new board (with no railroads, though utilities are still present) new rules, new types of cards, and a new die.

With the game play, the game mechanics reminds us of how we live our life by rules. With negotiations too at time and how, when negotiations fail – just like when your are broke and have give up your tiles or when you are required to swap tiles with the other players in the game play.

As the game is interesting, it brings about some important life lessons when I decided to craft this article.

Can there be Love, Joy and Peace when we manage our own economy?
For me, the answer is YES. There can be Love, Joy and Peace when we manage our own economy (Finances). But the question is how? Pause for a moment, what comes out of your mind?

The answer is Budgeting. We are our own economy. We decide how we would like to live on our life. The basic to life is survival – if today you have $10, do you spend everything or do you apportion it? Now that also depends on situation does it not?

Nope, we should try to prepare for the worse situations.You may earn $10 today, but earn $0 tomorrow. Or even for a week or a month. Which is why Budgeting comes in as important. How much to budget aside then? That depends on your commitments  – do you have a family to take care of? Do you have loans or bills to pay etc. And apart from that will be to set aside a small amount of money for raining days – emergencies. Which brings me to the next question below.

If one day, we are faced with turbulence in our life, can we weather through the storm?
Now run a mental image of a worse case scenario turbulence going on in your life. It could be suddenly you lost of love one or financially you got into big trouble. Do you have the means to get by the dark period of your life? Be it physically, emotionally or financially?

Well most people will perhaps say they are not prepared – to suddenly lose their job or suddenly loose someone close to them. Why? Because we had not love ourselves and people around us enough. We have not had the joy and peace to cherish every moment with them or even to take notice of the little things happening around us.

Yes, if we start now to treat people around us better – to learn to love ourselves more, bring joy and peace to ourselves, we can do the same for people around us. Love, Joy, Peace are simple actions. But no matter how simple they may be, it takes time, effort and courage to master the art of doing so to ourselves, let alone to deliver it to people around us. It is somehow as good as forgotten by many – that these days we are care about ourselves or people that we feel close to us. There is nothing wrong with that, but what if we continue to ignore this basic attitude towards life – there will no longer be love, joy, peace. Instead, it will come the opposite – hatred, anger and chaos.

What do you think you can do to bring yourself more LOVE, JOY, PEACE into your own life? (Share them on the comments)

*This article was inspired by The Daily Post prompt: Diverse



  1. Yes, many lessons to be learned by playing monopoly. I have not seen this version of the game. I only know the old-fashioned one. Interesting post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, it was my first time to see and play this… and a first in a theme park too. Enjoyed my game – brings back the nostalgia feel too.


  2. This version of Monopoly seems fun. I played the Dino-opoly. It’s also like the original Monopoly with the same game mechanics. The only difference is the theme. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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