White Butterfly

Survival to Transformation

As I step out of my home towards the lift lobby of my apartment. I noticed a nice big butterfly resting on the white washed parapet wall. I walked on towards the lobby and waited for the lift. Moments later, I turned back and look at the butterfly again.

For some reason, the word “Transformation” came to my mind. I walk a few steps back to the same spot where I saw the butterfly and took a picture of it. It is such magnificent beauty.

Recalling the science lesson back in school days. Where we learn that a caterpillar grows up to become a butterfly. But not all butterflies make it. And it is a very tough journey for these little wonders of the insect kingdom – from Survival to Transformation. No matter how small, fragile and beautiful they are. All goes through the same phases. Some made it, while others don`t. It just felt like the growing up stages in life. No two man are made equal. But, it always stay true to all that when we learn to Love ourselves more, we bring Joy and Inner Peace to ourselves and others around us too. That in itself, is the journey in life, the journey from Survival to Transformation – the circle of life.

*This article was inspired by The Daily Post prompt: Survival


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