KTM Shuttle - Woodlands, JB

KTM Shuttle Tebrau (Woodlands – JB Sentral): A track across the Causeway, Singapore – Malaysia

It is a short 5 minutes journey across the Johor Straits. That’s all it takes via the KTM Shuttle Train Service from Woodlands, Singapore to Johor Bahru, Johore, Malaysia and vice versa. Train frequency is on a fixed schedule – which begun in July 2015. And the frequency was adjusted in January 2016. Now almost a year on, I decided to do a capture a photo diary of this 5 minutes train journey.

A convenient journey via train back to Singapore for a weekend outing to Johor Bahru in Malaysia.


View from the train on the Northbound track for trains towards Kuala Lumpur from JB Sentral.

Some of the sights seen in the short 5 minutes train journey between Woodlands and JB Sentral.

Part of the Sunday traffic into Singapore from Malaysia on the causeway and the train track at Woodlands Train Checkpoint (terminal station).

Train tickets are usually on sale 30 days ahead and can be sold out within a week or 2 before the actual departure date. So it will be wise to plan the trip early. Or stick with the usual public buses.

The journey maybe a short one, but it is time savings from queuing at the Immigration and also provides some sightseeing depending on the time of the day of the journey.

Where to buy train tickets?
Online | Ticket office: Woodlands Train Checkpoint or JB Sentral


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