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Friday the 13th in 2016…

While I was researching on the idea of an article about Friday the 13th…. I came across this site… which has 13 facts about Friday the 13th… It is said to be not exactly a BAD day after all. For 2016, Friday the 13th will only appear once unlike in previous years. And it is more so in the western culture that it is taboo-ed day. Somedays we overestimate, somedays we underestimate the reaction we have to certain days that is numbered.

So here is what I did on a Friday… the 13th…

Began my day with a breakfast then took a swim at the pool nearby. Walk into Universal Studios to collect my Birthday vouchers – a neutral feeling. Not that excited since benefits for the Invites Attraction pass has got downgraded – it use to be 2 gifts – a USS item and a Resorts World Sentosa gift and 2 x $10 voucher (for food and theme park items purchase). Not it is a stack of vouchers and a theme park magnet – which is either useful or not useful a all depending on what you intend to use it for.

RWS invites

Though on the good side, the vouchers are valid for the whole month.

Just when I was about to leave Sentosa Island, a heavy downpour came by. Had lunch with a close friend at Suntec City area. Then bumped into LINE character – Brown and Cony. But mascots were ending their duty. So only manage to capture one picture of Cony.

LINE Character

In the evening, I went to the Asian Civilisation Museum for the evening to visit some exhibitions (more on that another day) & Starbucks Fullerton Boat House to have a cup of Reserve Coffee for the evening. To sum it up, Friday the 13th was a day well spend – perhaps a conservative underestimate of how I filled the day.

How did you spend your Friday? Feel free to share in the comments. 🙂

*This article was inspired by The Daily Post prompt: Underestimate


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