Starbucks Reserve - El Salvador Montecarlos Estate

In A Cup : El Salvador Monte Carlos Bourbon

Tried this Starbucks Reserve coffee in Singapore – El Salvador Monte Carlos Estate coffee. Gathered some information from the barista about this unique coffee profile. The small lot of coffee is from Carlos Batres, owner of Monte Carlos Estate (Latin-America) — The farm is grown on the slope of the volcano. With 688 acres of coffee trees growing all the way around and up to the very edge of the volcanic rim, the estate’s extraordinary heirloom Bourbon beans tell a story of steep slopes and rich earth in tandem with deep coffee passion.

The cuppa I ordered to taste at the Reserve Store was prepared in a Clover machine. It has a rather Bold profile, does not leave behind a bitter aftertaste – a rather smooth sweet lingering feel. It has a piney herbal aromas with flavors of red apple and cane sugar tasting note which I enjoy for the uplifting feel. I didn’t pair it with any food as I had it in a to-go cup.

This is part of the April/May season offering at Starbucks Reserve stores.

Starbucks Reserve - El Salvador Monte Carlos Estate

(Note: This special small lot coffees are only available for a limited time at Starbucks Reserve Stores, and may differ from country to country.)

*Info extracted from Starbucks Reserve info | Image: Starbucks Singapore
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