St John Island, Singapore

Southern Islands, SG

Longing for some interesting get away on the Souther part of Singapore? There are various islands that one can check out on a weekend or simply any weekday too – located towards the south of Singapore mainland.

I recently did a weekend trip with a group of friends to the Southern Islands – St John Island, Lazarus Island & Kusu Island.

It was my first time heading to the 3 islands in one visit. I would usually only go to Kusu Island. As I had been there once many years back and vaguely remember how the place looks like.

As for St John Island it is my first time there. The island is pretty small, has a chalet facility which can be rented. And also walking distance to the nearby Lazarus Island which is via a link bridge to the left of the pier. There are also visible walking trails that guide the footpath around these two islands.

On the weekend that I visited, I notice that there were many yacht berthing near the coast of the Lazarus Island. It has clear waters and a nice sandy beach. Looks pretty manmade though. But the lush amount of forest greeneries on the Lazarus Island – which is also home to the marine research facility gives it a very nice back to nature untouched feel.

We spend close to 4 hours on St John Island – as we did a picnic there. Then took the next scheduled ferry over to Kusu Island.

Kusu Island is located just across the waterway from St John and Lazarus Island. As the water surrounding the area is deep, we also noticed many weekenders doing kayaking along the waterway surrounding the island.

Upon reaching Kusu Island, it begun to pour rather heavily. We went to the temporary food centre area – which is just a shelter area with no food stalls – to hang out and seek shelter. There is two places of worship on the island – Taoist shrine and Muslimkeramat’ (‘shrine’ in Malay). Also, a turtle pool where the resident turtles are housed on the island.

The ferry brings us from Marina South Pier to these islands – the journey time is between  approximately 15 minutes (between St John Island & Kusu Island) to 30 minutes  (Marina South Pier > St John Island & Kusu Island > Marina South Pier).

During annual Kusu Pilgrimage season – during the ninth lunar month (usually between September and November), the ferry service will only shuttle between Kusu Island and Marina South Pier. It will be good to refer to the ferry counter or the website before getting the tickets at the ticketing counter or planning a trip.

Ticketing Information: S$18 for round trip ferry from Marina South Pier – Ferry schedule

Website | Location: 31 Marina Coastal Dr, #01-04 Marina South Pier, 018988
Nearest MRT: Marina South Pier station

*This article coincides with The Daily Post prompt: South


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