Today’s Daily prompt word – Pensive; brings out a deep set emotion within me. Initially I pondered over the meaning and decided to visit Google – to search the meaning.  I always remember that back during the school days – about 10 over years now. Our teacher in school use to tell us Google is your best friend.Google as we know it today was form back in 1998… The era where the internet and dot com was hyped up.

So now back to where I was… The internet is a huge space where many kinds of information can be shared, is shared, stored, encrypted or openly detectable in however way we know it. So how does Pensive comes about in this content? Referring to the meaning in deeper context – it is deep or serious thought.

It was used more so in the 1800s than in the current era as the words we use evolved over time.

Google Search

Back to the deep thinking, I was looking at the picture which I took during my previous stay at KSL Resort, JB Malaysia a couple of weeks ago. And it became of use now, somehow I was in a deep thought that very moment sitting on the floor of the room, facing the drawn curtain with natural light flowing in from the floor to ceiling window panel.

Somedays, we have quiet moments where we reflect or think about what life brings us. The miracles, the experiences, the challenges we have faced, or even the path we took to walk and how we would like to progress from here. Life is like a book, a unfinished book. Every new day is a new page, a new chapter. As we age older, perhaps a new chapter – depending on the life events that occur.

What comes to your mind when you explore the word Pensive?

*This article is inspired by The Daily Post prompt: Pensive


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