The past few days has been pretty reflective moments. The daily prompt today seems to bring it a step further from the previous day post on Pensive.

As I was looking through my collection of photos from the past decade. It brought back memories from the past. We see brick in many aspects of our life. Be it in physical form or metaphorically.

It has its unique way of manifesting into our life – a lesson learn or perhaps a part of our growth? It is boundless. Or even a plastic toy that we played with during our childhood or perhaps something as a building block for the place we stay.

As small as it may seem to be, it has many uses in physical form as well as in non physical form. All it takes is a creative mind to turn it into a non physical item – or knowledge.

When I did up a decade collage of photos, I noticed how I have grown and changed over the past decade. The outlook towards life, the mindset, the dressing – every aspect has been moulded and remoulded with the circumstances and situations that face each day. Just like how the bricks we use to build houses have morphed over the years while retaining its basic structure. We may change on the outside, but the inside still remains intact.

*This article was inspired by The Daily Post prompt: Brick



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