Asian Civilisation Museum, SG (Revisited)

Asian Civilisation Museum, SG

The Asian Civilisation Museum, established in 1993 and relocated to Empress Place in 2003 has recently undergone some intensive remodelling and part of the Museum has opened. Took a tour recently and decided to blog about what I see. Over the course of the next few articles on the blog, will share about about the galleries I come across during my tour of the museum.

At present there are only a handful of galleries open while others are undergoing refreshing of content and presentation. The last time I visited the ACM was 2 years ago.

The current permanent galleries which are open are as follows:

  • TANG Shipwreck
  • Contemporary Project : Grains of Thought
  • Ancient Religions
  • Chinese Scholar
  • Chinese Ceramics

There is also a South Asia and the Islamic World showcase currently showing in the gallery till June 30, 2016.

The museum is open daily till 7pm, and 9pm on Fridays.

Website | Location: Asian Civilisations Museum, 1 Empress Place Singapore 179555

*FREE Admission to the museum on Friday evenings 6pm-9pm, unless otherwise stated.


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