The last of 29…

St John Island, Singapore

It’s now 23:00 hrs… In the next 1 hour….when the clock strikes 00:00hr… It brings me up a year on Earth to the Big 3.

Time flies… yet another decade has pass by. Thinking back, the past few days has been a busy period. Though it was weekend, has to attend to work. Which was not a bad thing after all since this was an anticipated part of my job requirement when I begun 3 over years ago. The only different was I never had to work on weekends till now. It may not be a long time for that either since I get work flexibility in that sense.

The weekend was spend in the gym, at work, at home, dinner with family. Times which i had hardly recall was ever so important to me. For a long time, I have always been busy with other issues in my personal life that I never really spend time at home. Except for occasional occurrences where I will stay at home. Which is a rare sight.

When faced with life situations, it is when we realise who are the important people in our life. How situations force us to rethink life. The first 5 years of the decade was a period of exploration while the last 5 years has been more challenging than ever. Though I am glad all is over now and a new chapter begins at 30. Where 29 was a year where I wrap up celebrations of the high life… – parties, outings, meet ups, socialisation etc. 30 begins a period of life insights. A period to me where birthdays are spend only with a few friends and family – not in big group of companies like the yesterday years.

As I write the article, I recalled the first 30th birthday i ever celebrated – 7 years ago. It was for a friend’s 30 year birthday in a special way; with a group of close friends and a birthday cake. At 12 midnight, a knock on the apartment door and surprise of cake and candles. That was all there was there to give it a special birthday feel.





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