Fireworks at Marina Bay - Aug 2015

Journey of going 30

Going 30 is like the arch of the first 30 years. Imagine if one has a life span of 90 years old…. this first 30 symbolises 1/3 of a life time.

Looking at the image description – you see 3 sparks on the left and big bloop of sparks on the right side – an abstract of numbers ‘3’ and ‘0’.

Right below is the drizzle of smoke littered in pinky red background under the night light. The first 30 years symbolises vibrancy and a stage of growing up with lots of zest and energy. As the sparks fire up the first 30 years, the next 30 years will begin the middle arch where the middle age comes about from 31 to 60 years.

The outlook for being 30 and beyond is an interesting period of growth and stability within me. Though I am still living through my 30 to 60 at this point. I see this growth phase more on the horizon of further growth, development and stability. It is also a time to plan for the next 2 arcs… the 31 to 60 & 61 to 90 years if I do live that long. With the increased in life expectancy, many things are evolving and can be unpredictable too.

Physically going 30 can be a challenging period for the body as well. A time where the growth has plateau as the body prepares itself for the next phase of development – maintenance with added day to day stress loads.

Mentally and Emotionally our body too is going through some changes which we maybe suddenly experience – which we may not have experience prior. All these can change the way that we behave or look at life as a whole.

30 maybe a milestone for many or to some just another number.

How would you/did you celebrate your Journey of going 30? Feel free to leave a reply.

*This article was inspired by The Daily Post prompt: Journey


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