Starbucks Reserve Coffee - Burundi Murambi

In A Cup : Burundi Murambi

Burundi Murambi – Nibaruta Cassien’s history with coffee dates back to his birth on a Burundi farm. A lifetime devoted to developing the region’s coffee inspired him to add a step to the meticulous process at his Murambi washing station: double fermentation, a method largely unique to Burundi and Kenya. Under his precise supervision, beans undergo both wet and dry fermentation stages, extending processing time to produce limited batches with complex flavors of lemon, black tea and cinnamon.

Had my Burundi Murambi brewed via Chemex. It gives the coffee a more clean feel, and more flavour in comparison to via Clover as the coffee is brewed via the coffee filter.

This cuppa was paired with a slice of flourless chocolate cake. The brew has a medium body in comparison to the El Salvador Monte Carlo brew I had which gives it a more bold flavour. And surprisingly it went well with the chocolate cake too. The aftertaste I had of the brew is just after having a cup of black tea.

This is part of the April/May season offering at Starbucks Reserve stores.

Starbucks Reserve™ Burundi Murambi

(Note: This special small lot coffees are only available for a limited time at Starbucks Reserve Stores, and may differ from country to country.)

*Info extracted from Starbucks Reserve info | Image: Starbucks Singapore
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