Countless nights…

For countless nights, I sat down lying on my bed thinking…. what is the meaning of Love…

It is just a world between the two of us, or is it a huge community of people that we interact with amongst us all?

Life has many meanings than just two of us is it not? We dream, day dream repeat… Dream, Day dream repeat… On the road, on the bus, at work, during our lunch breaks… Every moments is fill with thoughts even through the night. When I stop dreaming and thinking… the answer comes to light. Maybe I only love you this much that I struggle to let you go. Maybe it was after all just a dream within a dream, we jump in too fast, a 6 months probation and then we blow up in thin air…

Learning to move on, I pick up the footsteps of a new pathway, a better me. Learning not to walk before I run. Making sure I don’t make the same mistakes again… It is again countless nights of looking up in the sky – knowing someday… someday… I will find the person who can touch my heart like how you did again…

The above is not a poem, not a song. Just random thoughts as I recall memories of the past. And reflecting on the present me, see how much I have changed over the years from failures in interpersonal relationships and how to be a better person than before.

*Article inspired by Daily Post prompt : Countless


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