Moments to Spare

If you have a moment to spare to get away from the busy life, what would you do?

Book a staycation, Tuck away in the wilderness or Travel to a far far away place and completely switch off?

There are many things we can do in the short span of a weekend.

Let us explore each of the above 3 possibility…

A. Staycation in Singapore or anywhere in the world where you live in


Choosing this option means you get some good rest. Perhaps for a good 23 hours if you get to check in at 3pm and late check out of 2pm or 3pm to make it a close to 24 hours stay. Tuck away from everything that surrounds you.

All you see perhaps is just the bed, your meals and your room and perhaps the TV. This spells like a perfect staycation for a weekend, and if you like it more immersive, somewhere close to nature or in a resort will make it more worthwhile experience.

B. Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay

What if you choose to just take a walk into nature? Living in the tropics near the equator where it can be warm on most time of the year. A good place to consider will be Cloud Forest where you can sit down, under the trees in the temperate forest setting to relax, and be surrounded by the trees and foilage. Though, it is semi aritificial, you still get to experience some close to nature feeling. An alternative will the nature reserves or the botanic gardens. Where it may be warmer, but closer to nature. And of course, stay at those places as long as your spare time permits. Since it is a weekend, and a space out moment to relax.

C. Go on a cruise to nowhere

Star Cruise - SuperStar Gemini

And last but not least. If you have the time and the spare cash, going on a cruise is a good therapy if you like the sun, sea and food indulgence. Since for most cruise, the food is covered by the package you have signed up for. (At least in the Asian context). All meals on board are covered unless otherwise advised by the newsletter onboard. Recalling the last cruise I went on for a 3 Days 2 nights cruise to no where. Enjoyed the trip, reflecting about life. Since it is in the international waters, there is not much of communication signals. So in a way I do not get to check on my phone that much, but I did get ample of space out time away from the surroundings and work. And it was a very pleasant experience to relax, float like the buoyant on the sea and let the sea breeze fill me up with relaxation.

At the end of the day, it all depends on what life is about and what it means.

*Article inspired by The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Spare

Featured Image: Grand Mercure Roxy Suare, Singapore (Business Suite – bathroom)
Image A: Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa (Deluxe Room)
Image B: Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Image C: Superstar Gemini, Star Cruise



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